Bringing your events to life, live across your social media 


Having professionals at the helm, you rely on us to capture the photos and manage your social media, so you can focus solely on the event 
Your social media will be active and engage those who couldn't make the event 
We leave out the boring parts of live streaming and just pick the best and most important bits ensuring the buzz can be felt way beyond the event itself 
It ensures that your event will last longer than its actual duration, and ensures people will be talking about you long after the lights go out. 
Guests will continue to return to your social media pages after the event to comment and tag their own photos 
We're strong on perception so we will soak up the atmosphere and show it on your social media platforms. 
We can show your guests enjoying the event while it is actually taking place 
We record and broadcast live action (no expensive video costs as all included in the price) 
We can analyse the conversation during the event - what are attendees thinking right now? 
You will receive all of the high-res images after the event too 
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